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The Wall

Kordic’s Wall is a massive physical structure that was built over a millennia ago by the Amastasian Wizards League on commission from the current emperor at the time, Kordic the 2nd. The wall stretches from the Western Sizors to the Wild Woods for over a thousand miles. The wall took nearly a decade to build and was designed by the great wizard Thed. Composed of a large stone base stacked with much of the ancient timbers found in the Wild Woods (it was nearly twice the size it is now), the wall reaches a height of 70 feet and at its base measures roughly 70 feet across. The secrets used by the wizards to craft such a massive structure have never been revealed, though rumors abound to this day.

Upon completion of the wall, the wizards were tasked with maintaining it and the empire paid them well for this service until 100 years ago. Emperor Cyntien (the great grandfather of the current emperor) balked at the continually increasing fees the wizards were charging for their services and believed that the league was plotting to over throw him as suprime ruler of Amastasia. Working secretly with others that feared and despised the control of the wizards, he managed to synchronize a date when most of the wizards were struck down within the empire. Those that survived fled to the islands to the south and it is believed that some still survive to this day.

As a result of Cyntien’s actions, magic within the empire began to decline rapidly and the emperor commissioned the Ministry of Internal Affairs to set up and regulate magic use within the empire. Imperial schools were created and those with magical aptitude were expected to serve in the military for a few years to help maintain the wall. In addition, the Ministry founded new departments to root out “renegade” user’s of magic and either see them fall under the rules and regulations imposed by the ministry or removed from the empire.

The wall is now maintained by the Northern Amastasian Armies mainly populated by northern troops provided by the local provinces, but the coverage provided is minimal at best. The magics of the wall and lack of any real threats over the last few hundred years have caused those in the empire to see the active defense of the wall as less important issue and as a result less then 5% of the wall is actively manned at any one time. As a result, northern lords have set up their own means of defense, typically garrisoning units near main entry points to patrol vast stretches of the wall. Such units are commissioned in a variety of ways including volunteers (voluntary or not) and convicts from within the empire. Patrol service varies from a year to life depending on the circumstances of the enlistment. Soldiers of the Patrol are typically glamorized in stories, but the truth is that they are seen as inferior to other imperial soldiers including those that actually man the fortresses and towers along the wall.