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Service to the Empire

Patrol units live in a semi-permanent camp just south of the fortress they are assigned. Patrol soldiers do receive a monthly salary based on the price set by the local lord. For those serving the Branshin Keep in the county Shale, the local Lord—Kern—set a monthly stipend of 2gp. Soldiers are provided with equipment, armor, and weapons as needed for any missions appointed to them. All gear provided is of standard quality and there are restrictions to armor, weapons, and equipment that may be handed out. Typically patrols are outfitted in lighter armor such as leather or chain shirts, but for those that want heavier armor, full chain mail is available. Specialty equipment is not routinely given out or even available, though those that want it may find it in the walled village or Tar Touch or the walled town of Briskin Fallows.

Military Ranks and Compensation

The Amastasian army is generally broken down into units of 100 to 200 men generally referred to as a battalion. Much of these units are simply referred to as soldiers or men-at-arms. The common 1st level soldier (regardless of class or actual skills) is referred to in this manner. Each battalion is led by a Captain with subordinate sergeants that are responsible for the continual training and discipline of ten to twenty soldiers depending on skill and tenure. The more green the unit of men—referred to as a unit (or in the case of soldiers responsible for guarding the wall, patrol)—the less men will be assigned to the sergeant as more supervision is required. Units are maintained as a whole with the same soldiers for the entire existence of the unit. Members may come and go based on death or promotion or other issues, but generally many of the men and women of the unit will stay with it during their entire military life.

Battalions will also consist of specialist units that are given higher rank and benefits based on the purpose and skills required by the unit. The actual title to these units is based on their role within the battalion. Common ranks for these specialized forces include lieutenants and lieutenant commanders.

Multiple Battalions are commanded by Captain Major while regional control is maintained by provincial Commander referred to as such and is ultimately responsible to the Emperor, though provincial leaders have some control militarily in regards to where forces are stationed or deployed.

Most positions of higher authority are given to persons of nobility, though individuals that prove themselves to the service of the Empire may be awarded higher ranks as well. Generally, soldiers of noble birth are placed within the cavalary or special units and given ranked authority above the general soldiery with a minimum rank of Noble Lieutenant. Everyone else, either voluntarily submitting for service or not, is automatically placed at the lowest rank of soldier.

Equipment including weapons and armor is based on the rank of the soldier. Most common soldiers are provided with simple or martial weapons based on their preference or designated use on the battlefield.

Rank Level Equivalent Typical Pay Grade Equipment Provision
Soldier, Infantry 1st-2nd 2 gp Common (50)
Soldier, Calvary 2nd-4th 5 gp Common (100)
Soldier, Bowman 1st-3rd 5 gp Common (50)
Sergeant 3rd-5th 10 gp Common (100)
Master Sergeant 4th-8th 15 gp Masterworks (1)
2nd Lieutenant 3rd-5th 10 gp Masterworks (1)
1st Lieutenant 4th-8th 15 gp Masterworks (2)
Lieutenant Commander 5th+ 20 gp +1 (1)
Noble Lieutenant 1st+ 15 gp Masterworks(2)
2nd Commander 4th+ 30 gp +1 (2)
Captain 6th+ 40 gp +2 (1)
Captain Major 8th+ 50 gp +2 (2)
Province Commander 9th+ 100 gp +4

Branshin Keep

Branshin’s Keep consists of a large stone walled fortress consisting of several round towers a southern court and a northern court. The keep is manned by 500 men at arms at all times. In addition there are typically 5 to 10 standing knights and their retinue of the Amastasian Order stationed on site and an additional Wall garrison of 200 men in a semi-permanent camp just to the south of Branshin. Wall Patrols travel through Branshin Keep, but do not typically live within the walls of the keep.

The keep resides in the principality of Dunwiffe and maintained by the Kern family, though no actual family members live within it’s walls. Rather, Lord Kern maintains a residence in Briskin Fallows, though he does occasionally visit the keep for periodic inspections. The keep is actually run by Captain Heltin of the Northern Amastasian Army. Heltin is served by a retinue including his chamberlain Gunther and a staff of 12 officers. In addition there are eight sergeants in charge of the daily training, scheduling of duty rosters, and general discipline of the men-at-arms. Beyond that the keep maintains nearly 200 people to perform the myriad jobs required to maintain the keep and its forces (including kitchens, maintenance and cleaning, etc.). Finally there are between ten and twenty young people kept as squires and trainees that serve either the stationed knights or the garrisoned soldiers of the keep.

The keep’s southern courtyard contains several buildings including warehouses, smithies, and stables, a church, and a couple granaries. The northern courtyard is bereft of any permanent buildings but is used for training purposes and practice dummies, targets, observation podiums, and the like can be found there. The main purpose of the northern courtyard is to provide a means of containment if enemies from the north should happen to make their way past the northern gate house.

Branshin Keep

Gordiale Tower

Gordiale Tower sits on the foot hills of the Western Sizors near the River Eirnes that connects Lake Mirdon to Lake Gidth. The village of Cricket Hollows resides just to the southeast, about 3 miles distant. The tower itself is thought to be at least twice as old as Kordic's wall. In fact, it is known that the great wizard Thed spent time studying the tower before he came up with the design for the northern fortification. The tower is maintained by 100 men-at-arms and an additional 50 members of the Amastasian Patrol, all residing within the tower. The tower itself was designed to hold upto 200 troops comfortably and double that number in times of trouble.

The tower is commanded by Captain Amish Shumer, an older man with silvered blond hair, beard and mustache that runs the tower reasonably well. Most of the day to day troop scheduling and deployment is done by his second in command, 2nd Commander Del Fythal, a well fit man in his mid-thirties with short cropped black hair and mustache. Other Gordiale staff of note include Rendelle--a human wizard of some skill with transmutation--and Sergent Veldsmit--the man responsible for training and overseeing the patrols that originate from Gordiale.

Patrols typically go across the river to the Pass of Gorging and also into the northern portion of the Dreaded Forest and Dimpin's Swamp on occassion. The majority of conflicts patrols deal with are Trolls that stray into the foothills from the mountains and forays of small groups of goblinoids that attempt to cross the river and make their way into the northern heartlands of Amastasia.

Gordiale Tower