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Principalities of the North

Dunwiffe:  The northern most principality of the Empire, Dunwiffe is one of the smallest as well. Administered by the Kern family for over six generations now, the current lord Fergis Kern rules his land with a fair-minded hand but struggles with keeping up patrols for the wall within his boundaries. The largest population center in Dunwiffe is Briskin Fallows which is actually a large walled town located on the northen coast of Shae's Sea. Dunwiffe is known primarily for their fishing production, though there are many smaller farms that find the climate and lands fertile enough to grow wheat and barley.

Dunagle:  Wedged between the eastern shores of Shae's Sea and the Fenris Forest, Dunagle is ruled by the Hamish family, known for there craftsmanship with steel and wood. Dun-Orish is a small city that sits on the shores of Shae's Sea and the primary means of shipping Dunagle products (timber, grains, and finished goods) to the rest of the Empire.

DunHamis:  Situated between the Geogines River the and Clamad River, DunHamis is part of the rich northern farming belt of Amastasia. Corn, wheat, and much of the Amastasian stock vegetables and fruit come from this principality. Ruled by the Mordello family, whose founding father was the well known Amastasian general Gathric that lead the armies through many successful campaigns of conquest north of the Amastasian Mountains nearly half a millenia before the construction of the wall.

Gillim:  Named after the prominant HIghlands of Gill, this principality is known for the sturdy cattle that graze in the many valleys found within the region. The seat of the principality is located at Lamoarish, founded at the end of that narrow Loch Lamoar which is connected to Shae's Sea. Ruled by the Bet-Eern family, a cruel and capricious lot that heavily tax their citizenry and anyone passing along their tolled roads to the south. There are two prominent halfling settlements within Gillium that are kept under the thumb of Bet-Eerns.

Ooris:  Located at the heart of northern Amastasia, Ooris is part of the northern farming belt and grows much of the crops consumed by northern Amastasians. Ooris is ruled figuratively by the Oorians--a family dynasty that has lasted for over three years--while much of the governing has been passed to the Ooris Council of Elders comprised of the mayors and other elected members of the various towns, villages, and cities within Ooris. The council meets quarterly in the city of Lilt-Garath, the unofficial captial of Ooris.

Perdia-Duncan:  Originally two separate regions, Perdia-Duncan was merged into one principality by an Edict of Emporer Galitus nearly 600 years ago. The region of Perdia was ill-managed by the Kreugat family and to help restore order and faith in the region the Emporer decided that the ruling family of Duncan-the Telijahs-would be better suited to do so. As a result Perdia was annexed to Duncan and the two principalities made one. The Kreugat were allowed to remain as local authorities, though now subservant to the Telijahs. The union was made permanent by the marriage of Pauline Kregat to Jeffery Telijah.

Although the beginngs of Perdia-Duncan were a bit turbulant, the centuries have smoothed out many of the tensions between the Kreugats and the Telijahs and the principality runs rather smoothly now. Much of the wealth of the region lies in copper and iron mines that dig deep into the Western Sizors. The capital city of Cantille is a major shipping city to much of the Empire's raw and processed iron ores.

Travil:  Wedged between Kordic's Wall and the Principality of Ooris, Travil is one of the poorest principalities of Amastasia. Though some fertile lands abound on it's southern fringe, much of Travil is covered in scrub and sparse groves of thorn trees. Ruled by the last of the Bariq lords, Travil Keep is a small and desolate capital sitting on the Yertish River which flows north of the wall rather than to the south, providing an effective means for northern raiders and monstrous humanoids to come into Amastasia. The Gate of Krone does keep many of the larger parties or armies from breaching the Empire, a massive stone and iron bulwark that stretches to both sides of the river at the wall. The gate has not been moved since the wall was built and the mechanism for shifting the gate has completely broken down, making it more of a permanent barrier than the wall itself.

Vert-Tillith  A prosperous but paranoid region, being flanked by five other principalities. As with its neighbors to the east, Vert-Tillith contains vast reaches of fertile farmland where several different items are grown including the renown Vert-Tillith vineyards. The richest of the winemasters also rules Vert-Tillith--though guided and chided by the council of eight (other rich wine producing families)--the Chutnei family. Chutnei wines can be found throughout the empire and many cases and barrels find they way beyond as well. The capital of Vert-Tillith is Vertis, located near southern end of the Fenris Forest.

The other city of note within Vert-Tillith is MoonHeart. The city retains much of it's independence from Vert-Tillith, though much of its business lies in the packaging and shipment of Vert-Tillith wines and other exported goods. MoonHeart is the only city within the region that holds little grit with the typical Amastasian prejudice of non-Human races. In fact there is a respectable Halfling quarter on the south end of the city, while a small Elven encalve makes its home on the north end. Gnomes and Dwarves even manage to find prosperous means selling their wares and services within the city.

Warton  Located to the east of Travil and Ooris, Warton is dominated by the encrouching Wild Wood. As one of the farthest principalities of the Amastasian Empire, Warton has a general lawlessness that is compounded by the fact that the wall does not completely connect together due to the elves that live and rule within the Wild Wood. Men do attempt to harvest wood from the western side of the Wild Wood but such work is dangerous as anyone that attempts to travel too far into the forest is usually captured or killed by the elves.