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A Primer of Magical History of Amastasia


Amastasia has a rich history, with its culmination of the Wall that protects the northern frontiers of the Empire. Even before the construction of the magical barrier of the north, magic was used, researched, and guarded by the Amastasian Wizard League. This league was comprised of several powerful wizards and sorcerers from the various parts of the Empire as well as a plethora of minor spell casters and hedge practitioners. More a federation of independent individuals that a organized union, the rules of magic use and admittance to the League was fairly loose. Only when an obvious threat to the Empire at large loomed, did the wizards put forth their collective powers to any effective means.

However, this does not mean that they were not effective in their daily use of political and societal power. In the southern regions of the Empire, most wizards and sorcerers of the league built reputations for themselves as advisors and confident to local lords and barons. Not officially beholden to the local rulers, most of the more powerful members of the league found the intrigue of the political scene too enticing to ignore. In fact, some members managed to usurp the lords they "served" to forge their own micro-dynasties of sort. This was tolerated by the the ruling Emperor if the change in rulership would be beneficial to the Empire as a whole. If not, the Emperor would pass an edict of forced abdication for the new ruler and the league would be responsible for dealing with the presumptuous member.

North of the mountains, most members of the league were less interested in societal machinations then simple survival. First off, most members that resided north of the Amastasian Mountains were generally less powerful than their southern peers due to the lack of research facilities and libraries. Also, most of the northern wizards were taking a more active part in expanding the northern borders of the Empire and dealing with the hordes of goblinoids and feral human barbarians that occupied the newly acquired lands for the Empire. In fact, it was commonly believed that most spell casters that worked north of the mountains were there seeking solitude and escaping their more civilized brethren to seek their own path of power and arcane might. It was generally true that most such members were less interested in the trappings of civilization as well as the desire to live a more solitary life, few sought any real power over anyone else.


The Empire had pushed as far north as the armies could be maintained and in some places losing ground due to the incursions of the natural occupants. Then, nearly 1,200 years ago a promising wizard that was born and raised in Galanthas came to prominence and eventually the head advisor of the Emperor Kurdic (the 1st). This wizard was Thed Gustavinious--eventually to be known just as Thed or Thed the Great. Although the Amastasian Wizard League had no formal leader as such, during this time Thed became its head and master. It is said that this great magician had a vision of a means to protect the Empire from those in the north that would see it brought low and that vision was a great expanse of wall stretched the length of the Empire itself.

The Emperor at the time--Kurdic the 1st--did not believe that such a device would prove effective or even possible to construct, even by the mighty wizards of Amastasia. However, Kurdic's son Dalion was nearly raised and tutored by Thed and grew to believe in the wizard's dream. The death of the first Kurdic was suspicious at best, but at the age of seventeen, Dalion took his father's throne to become Kurdic the 2nd. No expense was spared as resources were thrown at the Amastasian Wizards League to see Thed's dream become a reality. In just over a decade, the great wall was a reality and the process of the construction itself a secret. Other than members of the Amastasian Wizards League, no one was allowed near the construction sites other than to deliver materials. All that is known is that wall was magically enchanted to repel invaders from the north and warn when danger threatened the wall.

The Amastasian Wizards League's Control

Upon completion, control of the maintenance of the wall fell to the Amastasian Wizards League--which at the time was headed by Thed--and remained so for over a millenia. The AWL charged yearly fees to the Empire for cost of providing upkeep for those assigned to the wall as well as studies and research into ways of improving it. Of course, over times these fees grew excessive and many saw the power the AWL held over the Empire as something of a threat. Many nobles feared both the power and the intentions of the AWL, though few incidents actually occured to give them a basis for this belief.