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Amastasia Continent

The empire of Amastasia takes up the southwestern portion of the Amastasian continent. The empire has been in existence (under several different hands) for almost two millennia since the invasion of the Kyrdic armies from the southern seas. However, over the last few hundred years it is obvious to most common folk that the empire has been on the decline, especially for the lands north of the Amastasian Mountains. The current emperoróQuinten the 3rdórules strictly from the empireís capital city of Galanthas.

The empire is composed of over thirty regions (many are referred to by different names based on the local lordís pleasure but typically include baronies, fiefdoms, or counties). The Emperorís control of these regional provinces is nearly absolute south of the Amastasian Mountains; however, north of the mountains is a different story. All lords swear an oath of loyalty to the Emperor, but collection of taxes and goods from one side of the mountain range to the other is difficult and as a result most of the lords on the northern side act much more independently than their southern counterparts. This thinking is further encouraged by the emperorís general disinterest in the northern provinces, even when aid is requested.

The separation of the two sides of the Empire is much more than physical; the peoples from either side tend to regard those on the other side of the mountain range as foreigners. Southern Amastasians see themselves as much more civilized and regal while Northern Amastasians seem themselves as truly free men and independent thinkers, capable of nearly anything they put their minds to. However, one precept that does join both northerners and southerners is the view and treatment of non-humans. Both see other races as generally inferior and un-trustworthy. Communities of Halflings and gnomes are somewhat tolerated north of the mountains and dwarven communities living in the Amastasian Mountains or Western Sizors are ignored as long as they provide cheap metal goods for citizens of the empire. Elves rarely venture into the empire and those living in the Wild Woods have been known to attack Amastasians that venture too far into the woods.